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Brooklands School

Welcome to Pine class

Pine Class have really loved their History lessons in Spring 1! We learnt about how archaeologists find out information about the past and dug in the sandpit. We learnt all about the stoneage! We made our own cave paint using stones such as chalk and charcoal, and spices. We enjoyed learning about what materials the stone age people wore, and why, we even made our very own shell necklaces! It was lots of fun using stones to break small holes in shells! One pupil wore her necklace for the rest of the half term and did not answer the register to her name, only Cavegirl!

In Science Pine Class learnt about Living Things, we explored, discussed and sorted Living, not living and never lived objects. We went around our local environment identifying and sorting. We made posters of the features of living things, e.g. grow, move, eat etc. We even started some early planting for our Incredible Edible project in school!

In Art we looked about different artists for example Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who used foods to create faces! We also enjoyed using clay to made Picasso inspired sculptures!

In PE we practised our balances, both static and moving, and our standing jumps. We learnt about controlled safe landings and how to jump from a height. The pupils really showed improvement in confidence on the higher equipment and control in landings.

In English and Maths we have been working in our Groups on our phonic sounds, and mathematical concepts!

In Spring 2 we welcome a new pupil to Pine Class and look forward to getting to know him! 



Spring 2019