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Brooklands School

The Brooklands Way

At Brooklands, our pupils come first. We have created an environment where our learners, their learning and their wellbeing is central. Our curriculum ensures our pupils are engaged, feel safe and are encouraged to take risks and are happy to learn. It is tailored to their needs, is aspirational in its expectations of them and fully prepares them for the next stages in their lives. We recognise and fully exploit talent in all, and capture and celebrate every success. We know that parents are vital partners in ensuring best outcomes for our pupils, and we value their input in all areas of school life. We believe that our pupils are valued and valuable contributors to their community and we encourage them to be the difference in all aspects of their lives. When our pupils leave here, they will be prepared, respectful and safe - It's the Brooklands Way.


  • Delivering our vision through a curriculum that is personalised, recognises and builds on strengths and provides meaningful learning experiences
  • Promoting pupil confidence, resilience and self-esteem through valuing their contributions, listening to their voices and providing appropriate pathways and stepping stones to their next stages in learning and in life
  • Providing a safe and secure learning environment where professionals work together to support learners and families to secure best outcomes for our young people
  • Ensuring opportunities for all to make valuable contributions to school life and to the wider community, and to ensure all contributions are valued
  • Celebrating achievements in all areas of school life