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Brooklands School

Brownlee Foundation Triathlon

On Friday 24th May Pine class took part in the Brownlee Foundation Triathlon.  The Brownlee Foundation events are set up by Alistair and Jonny so they can give something back to the community. They attribute much of their success to people they met as youngsters around schools, clubs and events who had a fantastic passion for sport.

Pine class would have done the Brownlee Brothers proud and they certainly made the school proud.  All pupils had the  opportunity to try the disciplines of the triathlon and completed all three events successfully.   Pine class swam 50m in the pool, cycled or scootered 800m and ran 300m.  They gave it their all and flew around all three disciplines.  At the end they were rewarded with a medal and a goody bag.  Who knows we may even have the next Alister, Jonny or Jessica Learmouth amongst us! 

Fantastic day- well done Pine!