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Brooklands School

Post 16

Students usually move into the Post 16 in the academic year following their 16th birthday. They continue in the Post 16 until the year they reach 19, when they leave school at the end of the summer term. This gives students a balanced and varied curriculum across three years. The curriculum we offer each student is based upon their individual needs and aspirations as outlined in the ECHP. Its focus is on personal development; improving core skills, fostering interests, practicing life and independence skills and preparing for adulthood in a safe and secure setting.

The curriculum is differentiated in to two strands which follow the learning pathways. Roots for students accessing pre-entry learning using Footsteps and Stepping Out and Branching Out for pupils who have previously accessed Strides (now Steps to Success) and can achieve Entry Levels or higher. Both strands have their own timetable and unique accreditation linked to them allowing progress to be made personal to the young person.


Students are placed in mixed ability tutor group in order to provide opportunities to mix with their peers but have individual timetables will reflect their personal needs and abilities. There are many opportunities to mix with a variety of students such as assemblies, enterprise project days and whole school trips.  


All students have access to Independent Careers Advice as part of the preparation, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. This is provided by specialist careers advisors which make meaningful relationships with our students to help make life choices post 19. 

Branching out

The approach in this group is preparing them for adulthood with an emphasis on developing independence, further education and employability with a continued academic work in a functional curriculum, focusing on core skills being applied in a practical way within the community. Students will be working towards ASDAN Entry Level Employabilty , Edexcel Functional Skills in Literacy and Numeracy at Entry Level and where necessary for the individual outsourced access with local FE providers to Level 1 and 2.


The approach in this group is an emphasis on developing communication and interaction skills across the curriculum by developing students’ initiation skills. They have access to have a multi-sensory experiential curriculum through kinesthetic approaches with the focus on their preferred form of communication. These students will also gain accreditation in basic skills, which they may need in adulthood, delivered through My Independence (ASDAN). These students access specialist teaching with a focus on their primary care and or sensory needs to ensure all their needs are met.


Work Related Learning

We aim to provide a work related learning environment to suit all our students as this is core part of our curriculum. This may take the form of work experience, the School Assistant job role and extended work experience within school and the wider community. We work closely alongside other agencies to provide our students with up to date careers information concerning jobs, courses, colleges and supported internships. Young people also have the opportunity to volunteer within the community for projects which are local and national. This may take the form of fundraising for charity or supporting local groups in structured activities. 

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Curriculum enhancement and additional support

Flourish @ Brooklands offers a wide range of extras to the curriculum working with school partners to provide excellent cross partner working for all our students.




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Post 19 Providers

 Vinted - Work related learning

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