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Brooklands School

Curriculum Overview

Brooklands School has a curriculum approach that takes the statutory 2014 National Curriculum and enhances it to meet our school aims and vision.

Our school curriculum policy directs our adapted and differentiated curriculum which not only encompasses an age-appropriate and creative EYFS curriculum and a real, relevant, broad and balanced Post-16 Department but allows for a wide range of learning styles, abilities and individual needs; a sensory curriculum and a ‘nurture’ curriculum deliver specialised programmes, strategies and interventions.

Such a flexible and adaptable curriculum model informs personalised learning pathways for pupils whose learning may be at an experiential, contextual or discrete/concept level. Pupils may have their own personal timetables and individual strategies and interventions are described in class planning.

Each pupil follows an individual learning journey.

Each pupil follows an individual learning journey. EHCP targets are central to this learning journey. These targets inform the Individual Education Plan (IEP). During the Annual Review process, and throughout the year, we work closely with families to ensure all targets are inspirational and meaningful.

Formal assessment uses a range of Learning Journeys which encompass academic learning, social emotional and sensory development and a range of specialist interventions including MOVE Sensory Profiles and Nuture.

Both formal and informal assessments is captured and evidenced in Evidence for Learning and may be recorded and celebrated as qualifications from nationally recognised awarding bodies such as AQA and ASDAN or in-house awards and celebrations of achievement.

Results of assessment, attainment, personal, social and physical development as well as nurture goals are reported at Annual Review and in the annual school report to parents. Overviews of general well-being are also reported at multi-agency reviews.

Daily communications with parents takes place through home-school diaries and parents attend assemblies where achievements are celebrated.