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Welcome to Flourish at Brooklands

This term in Flourish we have continued to focus on preparing for adulthood and how we can improve essential life skills which will benefit independence. One of the ways we have done this is by looking at how they can earn their own money and then spend it as they wish. 
Roots our pre entry learning group has focused on home management learning lots of new skills such as where food goes (in the freezer, in the fridge or the cupboard), how to shop using a shopping list and most importantly how to make meals. They have used these skills to be a part of the cooking group on a Thursday morning where they make meals which they sell to staff and parents. This has been incredibly successful and we have had lots of positive feedback! New skills such as using sharp knives safely and peelers has been especially good as this is something they needed to learn to be safe. Roots have also been really involved with the Incredible Edible Project, growing food that they can eat and the John Muir Award where they are learning about engaging with their environment and overhauling the bungalow garden. 

Branching Out, our Entry Level group have worked very hard this term. On Mondays they are supporting the groups that go down to PE and are trying to get their Sports Leader Award. This is an incredible qualification which gives our learners confidence by running small warm ups and PE activities. They have also supported Skipton Girls High with running the Panathalons which are like mini Olympics. Branching Out also run their own mini enterprise where they wash cars. This has been very successful but also challenging when they got a complaint (real life experience). The dealt with this very well and learnt a lot dealing with them. We are very proud to say that we have been supported by Aegis the Union and Skipton Building Society to run Employability sessions on a weekly basis where students have learnt essential job skills. These intensive lessons have up skilled our pupils to understand what employers are looking for and how to get and maintain a job. 

Lastly I am proud to say all our students have made and maintained new and old friendships making the Post 16 unit a wonderful place to be in. I look forward to the new term and how much more we are going to do. 


Roots Spring 2019

Branching out Spring 2019