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Competitive Sports Competition

This year physical activity for our young people has been greatly affected by COVID and options for sport in the lockdown were initially nonexistent. As the lockdown eased several students started to access online activities and virtual sports competitions. Some students even took up new hobbies such as sailing, biking and golf showing that they could continue to thrive despite really difficult circumstances. 


When students came back to school one of our main priorities was to get students moving and allow them opportunities to express themselves through wellbeing, PE, Sport and competition. We continue to be greatly supported by Ji from Skipton Cricket in running our popular after school club and Katie from the School Sport Partnership in delivering a fabulous range of activities for our primary pupils. There was however a gap where our more senior pupils needed the same chances that our primary pupils were getting as normally, we would travel to external competitions or use occasional sports coaches. Because of this we decided to run our own competitions in class bubbles instead of using online or virtual delivery of sport where one class could compete against another.  


This week we tried to capitalise on the good weather and run the first of our competitive events in cycling with a timed lap and a obstacle race. All our students were able to compete using some specialist equipment and support from parents allowing us to use individual bikes and trikes. So far the times have been excellent and the average lap times were very fast. Results will be in by the end of the week and then we will be able to see which bubble won each competition!


We will run the competitions every two/three weeks with the aim that everyone can succeed personally and as a team. Watch this space for more of our brilliant events.